manzilian - waxing for men


Manzilian- a male Brazilian wax the technique of male hair removal, is the same as a bikini wax for a female pubic hair removal. Instead of styling like a female a male mainly gets total removal, or, hair extraction. Waxing involves spreading of a wax combination over the skin, a cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement, against the direction of hair growth. This removes wax, hair and, dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and feeling great. A light oil such as baby oil can be applied to  those sensitive areas before wax is applied, to reduce wax adhesion to the skin. Different types of wax may be applied to certain areas like the scrotum  or penis, these do not require cloth strips  due to them being sensitive areas. Waxing is less irritating than shaving and more attractive then buzzing down, waxing last longer 3 to 6 weeks longer. Yes there maybe small discomfort, but we will make you feel as comfortable as possible and, if its your first time try something simple just to get the feel of it like a ; crack daddy which is just the rectum or, a Burt Reynolds which is just your butt cheeks. We'll be pleased to serve you and make your manzilian wax awesome and amazing.